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Featuring our revolutionary RED DISKTMrecovery kit that rebuilds your system drive to its “perfect” state with all software fully reinstalled, configured, and authorized... without loss of editing data! All in less than one hour.


Without a doubt, one of the most exciting innovations on the VES/Delta Series of Professional Workstations and Notebook Solutions is our unique Recovery Emergency  DiskTM (aka the RED DISK) for restoring all of your system and editing applications in the event of file corruption or failure on Drive C.  Gets you up and running in under one hour, without having to re-configure or re-authorize your stuff. No need to call Tech Support. 93% of computer issues (excluding the people factor) can be traced to problems developing on the System Drive (“C”). Now whether these slowdowns or errors are caused by human or mechanical glitch; from a downloaded virus; or just accidental over-writing or deletion of key files & settings... who cares! Stuff happens, no matter how careful we are all. The important thing to an Editor is to get the system up and running again as quickly as possible, and without any loss of editing data. As long as you follow the practice of storing (and backing up) your documents,  project data, and media files onto their appropriate drives, it is a simple matter of wiping a bad Drive C completely clean and restoring it (or completely replacing it) to our original factory installation (which we custom create for every client & Workstation or Notebook).

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