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The Flicks Factory was created to address the technological challenges unique to the Film & Television Industry.  By blending together a team of traditional Film & Television Engineers with talented Computer Specialists, it was not long before The Flicks Factory was recognized as a premier Total Systems Integrator.  Creative results and improved efficiencies were achieved with our distinctive approach of applying entertainment industry work flow with powerful computer tools

Today we act exclusively as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to market a family of solutions, beginning with our new lower cost products through to a high-end multi-seat Post Production Complex.  Marketing is through our own International Distribution Channel.


Our Research and Development team have tackled many challenges:

  • The use of “Green Screen” technologies in Professional Photography with the application of our own Notebook Computer
  • High Performance Graphics & Animation Workstations
  • First Multi Seat File Base Post Production Complex in North America  
  • Getting the best results from the new Low Cost Video Cameras for Professional Production
  • The Delta Series of High Performance Workstations and Notebook Computers for Professional Video Editing

The Delta 1000 Series 2 - AVID Non-Linear Workstation


If you have an OEM Project or need Marketing Consulting for a product in the Professional Film or Video arena that you would like to discuss with us please drop us an email to the link below.


If you’re interested in buying one of our Post Production solutions please use the link on the Product page.

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